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equipment suppliers

Supplier finance is a way for B2B equipment suppliers to provide flexible finance options to customers.

With supplier finance from Avenue Lease, it becomes simple for your sales team to offer an alternative to outright purchase and increase sales, by offering a range of affordable finance and leasing options to your customers.

Why offer lease solutions to your clients

  • Ability to Upsell
    Increase the order value and sell more equipment.
  • Quick Payment
    No need to chase payments; invoices are paid in full upon receipt of completed relevant documentation.
  • Retain Customers
    Leasing provides you with the perfect opportunity to upgrade the client’s equipment when the lease ends.
  • Acceptance
    With a varied range of funders, we have the flexibility to approve more leasing solutions for an array of customers with differing creditworthiness.
  • Overcome Capex Objections
    By offering affordable monthly payments, it can remove customers constraints on the required upfront liquidity

Benefits to your customers

  • Fixed Payments
    Lease payments are fixed for the duration of the agreement making it easy for your customers to budget effectively.
  • Up To Date Technology
    Flexibility for the customer to upgrade at any time allowing them to use the latest equipment.
  • Protect Existing Credit Lines
    Keep other financing lines such as bank loans and overdrafts for more appropriate requirements.
  • Conference Calls
    Great for individuals and smaller teams who want to learn more or have specific questions.
  • Improve Cash Flow
    Lease finance helps to alleviate cash flow by spreading the cost.
  • Tax Benefits
    Payments on a lease rental/hire agreement are 100% tax deductible against company profits.
  • Remove Upfront Costs
    The majority of lease agreements do not require an initial payment meaning there is no requirement for an initial capital outlay.
  • Office based Lead with Lease training
    We can provide you with Lease training sessions for your sales team at your office, or ours or virtually. Sessions are interactive and full of proven tips and techniques to help you maximise opportunities by offering finance options.
  • Maximise your sales opportunities
    By receiving Lease sales training from our experienced team, you can maximise your sales. We offer a variety of training sessions to suit your sales team.

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